Leftism hates the concept of Ownership

I have recently been thinking about models of leftism and came up with the conclusion that all forms of Leftism share one common idea: hatred of the very idea of ownership in a broader sense.

Ownership is fundamental to civilization.

Ownership -> Responsibility -> Order -> Hierarchy -> Civilization.

This is quite obvious in socialism. Fundamentally socialism is the hatred of property ownership. Deeper down, it seems clear that they don’t just hate your ownership of property but the very idea of ownership itself. Even a Leftist who wants to knock your apple cart and steal your apples don’t really want to “own” them himself, but really derives holy pleasure from seeing the ownership of that apple destroyed. Globalism hates the ownership of nationality and the concept of nationhood. Feminism is hatred of patriarchy, which is about the ownership of women and family by patriarchs. Environmental Leftism is hatred of mankind’s ownership over the Earthly domain. The Leftist medical priesthood hate one’s ownership of one’s own body. The LGBTQWERTY crowd hate the ownership of God-given individual identity, hence seek to destroy natural human identity by inventing a thousand arbitrary gender identities.

Fundamentally ownership is the basis of civilization because you cannot have order without ownership and everything descends into chaos. “Everybody owns everything” is actually “nobody owns anything in particular”. Modern Governments which are fundamentally Leftist in nature, hate to own responsibility for their own actions and hence you end up with complex, maze-like bureaucratic structures where nobody in particular is in charge of anything specifically. This is not a design flaw, it is a feature.


A twist in the BBC controversy

Mahesh Jethmalani (who I don’t trust fully) now says that China (through Huawei) is behind the making of the anti-Modi BBC documentary.

Which I think is silly and quite distracting from what is essentially the Cathedral’s priestly attack. I have already noted that priests cannot be bought to serve mercenary purposes though they will always take your money with no strings attached.

A few observations:

  1. China may well have an interest in this matter and this is an interesting angle. But the BBC and the entire Western media have been attacking Modi since 2001. Nothing new in it.
  2. In a way, this allegation of bribery seems a good way as any to discredit the BBC in the eyes of the common Indian public who are more convinced that somebody did something for money, rather than understanding the fundamental and ideologically motivated holy hatred which the Cathedral media has for Indian (specifically Hindu) nationalism.
  3. This may actually be a distraction tactic, to take the heat away from the Cathedral, and that Mahesh Jethmalani is used as a dupe to bring this up.

If indeed the Chinese foolishly actually *paid* the BBC to make this documentary series, it seems that they too are deeply interested in 2024. Which is also a worrying factor.

The fundamental problem with Evangelism

Or my biggest beef with Christianity and other Evangelical Religions (as posted on Jim’s Blog)

Evangelism is inherently subversive when practiced in an alien culture and civilization because it disrupts existing social harmony and order and undermines the religion of the Patriach and says to his women and children: follow my God, not the God of your husband/father/forefathers. Hence derails existing order. Evangelism is a tool of chaos. Evangelism puts power in the hands of priests and lays the foundation of the evils of Universalism and holiness spiraling.

Yes, Evangelism subverts its own Religion eventually in a holiness spiral, because the more holy Evangelists will quickly subvert the existing ones. That is how you got Nigger worship and Tranny worship in modern Christianity because Progressivism has subverted your traditional Christianity.

Another reason to prevent Evangelism at least among non-enemy, non-hostile races/culture/society is that it is a violation of the Westphalian peace which Jim often speaks of. By all means use Evangelism as one weapon to undermine social cohesion against a State that is your mortal enemy and has declared war against you but not against neutrals or potential allies.

Yes, Evangelism is a tool of chaos that leads directly to adharma. Propagation of Religion by Evangelism rather than natural biological means paves the way for Evil Priests to take control and undermines the natural order of society. Further, when you admit a large number of aliens into your religion, they displaces your own people and it paves the way for universal equality, equality of race/gender and all other progressive social poisons. A cancer that eventually kills both the host and the guest.

On patriarchy and shotgun marriages

In a recent post on female sexual preferences, Jim writes about the need for shotgun marriages, when a boy “abducts” an unmarried, un-betrothed girl and takes her virginity and how fathers of such girls should be pressurized into accepting such marriages, and if they don’t, should be socially shamed.

I have a somewhat different take on this, as from my comment on JB:

Shotgun marriages should be seen as the last resort and an unfortunate compromise in any healthy patriarchy. Because girls should almost always be betrothed very early, preferably by the time the girl is 13 and before they really get the opportunity to see the world outside and start to “cruise” for alpha.

“Abduction” is not really abduction in 99.99% cases. It’s mostly the girl running away with the boy, in fact, in some cases even explicitly demanding she be abducted. When girl’s father lodges a police complaint against the boy for kidnapping, the girl usually says she came voluntarily with the boy! This happens too often. Modern “shotgun marriages” have become a way for girls to get their own way by undermining father’s authority.

In Indian movies of 80s 90s and even in 2000s there was a common thread. Rich girl – poor boy “love” story. Of course, the “rich” was usually a euphemism for upper caste and “poor” almost always meant lower caste. The boy was usually a wastrel / thug low-life (of course depicted in a positive light as a man with a heart of gold and his criminal activities usually justified as being for some noble cause, since he’s the hero of the movie) and the rich girl lusts after him after seeing him perform “criminal” acts and getting away with it. Of course, boy spurns girl initially and later accepts her at one point when she literally begs that he kidnap her and marry her, since her father will not accept the match and is arranging her to be married into her own station. The conflict between upper caste and lower caste was woven into this – such movies were made usually with the payload of undermining patriarchy and caste at the same time.

Now, of course, that is why even up to my grandfather’s generation, marriages were arranged very early, and a girl not being betrothed after 14 years was seen as undesirable.

If a girl’s father chooses not to arrange his daughter’s marriage early, of course, he should be responsible for the consequences that follow and a father who encourages his girl to study higher for career and become a whore should absolutely not be supported by society. But in a functional patriarchy such situations should be very rare.

My conclusion is that, the undermining of patriarchy starts with such “compromises” and ends up with outright female emancipation, with the State actually playing the role of the abductor and forcing parents to accept obviously wrong life choices of their daughters in the name of “freedom”.

Merchants never rule

One of the common debates that often come up in modern Right wing circles is the notion that Capitalists are evilzzz and are the principal drivers of political events and the narrative, as the shadowy bosses of the political class behind the scenes. This is both a left-wing attack and also a Prole “Right-wing” attack since Merchants are soft targets in any social hierarchy: they tend to be vulnerably wealthy and wealth gives the illusion of power without actual power.

But from a Varnashrama point of view, it is clear that having money does not give power. Power is the ability to merely open your palm and receive money. Priests, by definition, shun Mammon. Yet why do Priests in power receive money from merchants voluntarily? Well, it’s the “Tithe”, the quasi-official Church-tax of the modern political class. When the political elite (principally Priests in a democracy) gets funding from big business, big business is not in any way or manner influencing the Priests. On the other hand the receipt of Tithe shows the power and position of Priests vis-à-vis Merchants in the hierarchy. Every time a Merchant digs into his pocket to pay a Priest, the Merchant reinforces his own subordinate status to the Priest. While small Merchants are extremely low status, bigger Merchants fare little better in terms of political power.

Note that this phenomenon should not be confused with taxation. A “tax” is that which is levied by a Kshatriya Ruler on his subjects with a reciprocal promise of maintaining public order and development/maintenance of national infrastructure, which is to the direct benefit of all, especially Merchants. A Priest on the other hand gives absolutely no reciprocal promise for receiving “funding” from a Merchant. In fact, the Merchant signals his own holiness and allegiance to the Priesthood by giving money. In other words, a no-strings-attached tribute to the State Elite. By paying Tithe the Big Merchant merely gets minor status rewards and protection from committing inconsequential crimes (i.e. crimes that don’t affect the Priesthood’s power and status) from time to time, but never in a manner to overshadow the actual Priests in power. Note that these rewards are not a “right” that the Merchant can claim as one accrued on payment of Tithe, but handed out at the pleasure of the Priest, subject to his own arbitrary whim and fancy. Merchants who keep close to power give the appearance and illusion of power, but can be “cancelled” at any time by a ruling-class Priestly attack. It is the natural power dynamic and how Priests keep Merchants in line.

This is clear from the manner in which ruling Priests attack Merchants who tend to fall even slightly out of line from the State Religion and direct the anger of the Proles at the Merchants for “robbing them and keeping them poor.” Such Merchants are then forced to publicly fall at the Priest’s feet seeking apology. In a Communist State, of course, Merchants are cancelled completely and all Mercantile activity is taken over by a wing of the State, with the usual predictable fall-outs.

Dharmic Individualism vs atomic isolation

In the previous topic, there was a discussion about Aryan Individualism, which I wanted to expand into its own topic. Modern society, particularly in the West, has completely misinterpreted and subverted the meaning of “individualism” particularly the traditional individualism of Aryan society.

The key of Dharmic individualism is acceptance of one’s individual dharma, which is actually a part of the greater dharma. The individual dharma is distinct (which is what gives it the individualism) and yet seamlessly blends into the overall cosmic dharma. Our ancestors figured out this in the form of Varnashrama wherein individual dharma was broadly categorized to four types of personalities: Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Shudra. Within each varna, there are plenty of variations, right down to the specific individual’s temperament and capabilities. Therefore, it is wrong to conclude that acceptance of the individual dharma will lead to loss of freedom and compliance to herd behaviour. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Every artist is uniquely gifted, every warrior has a different choice of weapon to specialize in, every intellectual has his own area of study, every carpenter has his favourite tool and technique, every businessman has the choice of goods/services to deal in and so on. When each of these individuals accept their place in the overall dharma, they form a natural tribe based on family, kinship, ethnicity and ultimately nation, respectful of each other’s role and contributing to the overall development of society in healthy competition.

When one realizes and accepts one’s place in the overall scheme of things, there is natural happiness and fulfilment, as the individual dharma guides one to achieve his life purpose. In modern times, we have lost this knowledge and therefore rejected the Dharmic individualism that is innate in every higher being. Thus modern man denies and rejects his own nature and then becomes unhappy and unfulfilled, searching frantically for a new identity to fill the emptiness. This results in atomization and isolation from reality, not individualism. Falling fertility levels especially among elites is a result of an increasing rejection of the natural dharma, a result of spritual emptiness.

When one’s role in the greater dharma is not fulfilled however big or small, one is empty regardless of material prosperity. This void is precisely what is filled by adharma, creating artificial identities and tribes to replace the natural Dharmic ones and turning man against man, turning from cooperation to defection, resulting in social decay and eventual self-destruction.

Modern Democracy is the Electoral Theocracy of the Faith of Egalitarianism

Google (through Oxford dictionary) tells me that democracy is “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

But modern “democracy” is most demonstrably not a mere system of government; Electoral Parliamentary, Republic and Presidential systems are. Democracy comes with it several unquestionable axioms on the nature of humanity that render it effectively a Government based on a belief system. Hence, a theocracy, with elections as the established ritual to worship the “will of the people”. I use the term Egalitarianism as a shorthand to cover all the prevailing beliefs of democracy. So democracy is the entire package: as for example, when the Adharmic Empire champions democracy in Afghanistan, it’s obvious that they’re not championing for the establishment of electoral process to appoint the Mullahs and the Supreme Leader of the Taliban. If viewed from this angle, things make sense as to why democracy has to be literally imposed through the barrel of a gun in other Theocracies. This also explains why Theocracies of the peaceful religion are irredeemably hostile to Democracy.

Freedom of speech and expression are supposed to be universal under democracy, but observe how that freedom is limited to the boundaries of the underlying beliefs. You can also believe in any God, so long as that God doesn’t contradict or challenge the Democratic God*. Today of course, this is more obvious in the way right-wing speech is being censored on social media and the manner in which “Woke” and “Cancel” culture operate without any apparent contradiction to democratic values. Merely observing and speaking about natural inequalities between races, cultures, male and female, or even about the biological basis of sex, is enough to deem you an enemy of democracy and an evil Nazi, whereas earlier it was not so. But this merely shows us that the permissible limits of what is allowed in democracy has merely shrunk from what it used to be as the Woke and Progressive cult has holiness spiraled and subverted the earlier “Liberal-Left” faction and became the dominant faction of the democratic religion. Naturally the political players only occupy the permissible spaces, and so the elites who get elected into power are merely on different points within the allowable spectrum. The Constitution is the Holy Book and elections and voting are therefore holy rituals of democracy.

It therefore goes without saying that being Theocracy, Democracy tolerates dissent only if it is not heretical to its fundamental beliefs or threatens its premises. So that today you have absolute freedom of expression to celebrate and espouse woke causes, celebrate diversity, multiculturalism, egalitarianism, victimhood of the {{{oppressed race/caste/religion}}}, LGBTQWERTY etc. but speaking out against any of these fundamental beliefs renders you liable for cancellation, un-personing, loss of job, loss of status and even criminal prosecution. Just as in a Theocracy of the Peaceful Religion, you have absolute freedom of speech and expression to espouse holy war against the infidels but even mildly questioning the Holy One will lead to dire consequences.

[ * ] An important point to consider is that since the Democratic Gods are non-Dharmic paper tigers being the creation of a “Constitution” and subject to arbitrary human interpretation at different points of time, when seriously challenged by followers of hostile Gods that are not paper tigers (particularly the Peaceful God), Democracy coyly averts its eyes and allows the mob to run riot while pretending that it’s not happening, while piously and self-righteously clamping down even harder on dissent elsewhere to prove that it is not under threat.

The genie will not go back into the bottle

The First Sister of the Peacefully Religious Theocratic Republic of Paschim Bangla had appealed to the peacefully religious protestors to wage their holy war be peaceful elsewhere but it appears that they haven’t paid heed to Her Holiness. But that’s to be expected. Note that the Indian English media is careful to call it “protests” and not “communal riots” in the fashion of the Cathedral media covering the aftermath of the martyrdom of St George Floyd. Now thats surely Progress isn’t it?

Old-school Leftists who ignite fires to warm their political ambitions are always “unable” to understand how the fire they expected to remain passively in the fireplace has become a conflagration they cannot control, despite repeated experiences. But in the case of the First Sister, I am willing to give the benefit of doubt that she indeed desired a very large conflagration, just not in her own backyard.

As I have observed before, Adharma is unrestrained. Non-delusional dharmics of course know that there can never be peace with the peaceful religion unless either side ends up resting in eternal peace.

The most moderate response would be to impose Rashtrapati Rajya in the state and sent in the troops to restore order. But realistically nothing of the sort will happen of course.

The 3 Ds of Prog attack – Demonization, Demoralization and Denigration

To defend against and defeat our enemies, we need to understand their tactics. The above are common tactics of adharmics in general, more particularly used by Progressives these days, and frequently used in debates against not only Hindus, but any established traditional social structure, in order to defeat and destroy it.

What does each of these achieve?

  • Demonization – makes the target question their own moral standing and lowers their defences.
  • Demoralization – obviously to lower the target’s morale for a fight.
  • Denigration – lowers the status of the target.

Note that none of the above attacks target your intellect for rational responses.

Demonization is easy to understand. It is when the Prog talks about “oppressive Brahminical Patriarchy” and how the upper castes completely dominated and oppressed and other backward communities and practised other evils. Topics like “Sati” and “Untouchability” are frequently raked up in such debates. A lot of disinformation is used to prove points and effectively is a tool to divide and conquer, by pitting “oppressor” against the “oppressed” and demanding reparations for such alleged past “sins.” It keeps on the boil a continuous conflict which Progs exploit to destroy existing structures. Defending directly against the demonization attack is very time-consuming and energy draining, because honest, good faith rebuttals are ignored and the attack pursued with renewed vigour nevertheless. Demonization is used as a weapon to make well-meaning but otherwise credulous folk to question their own moral code, and against Hindus, it makes us question our Dharma and our culture. Since Progs are self-hating, they want you to hate yourself as well.

Demoralization is more subtle but a clear tactic to lower the resistance of the Prog’s target of attack. One obvious tactic used by Progs is to emphasize how Hindus were subjugated and never able to defeat the desert cult until the British saved us from the Mughals, so how thankful we must be to the British for “modernizing and educating” the Hindu. Of course, this is a blatant lie, which even the best of us fall for in the heat of the moment (Hat tip to regular commenter SomeDude who pointed it out to me on another forum). This map of the Maratha Empire circa 1759 shows the utter falsity of such propaganda. Hindus were definitely able to not just fight back against the adharmic desert cult, but even establish a large empire in a relatively short time.

Demoralization is a subtle weapon, because even Hindus apparently sympathetic to Hindu causes use it as a justification for explaining the present state of India, missing out a lot of historical facts in the process. Hostile entryists use demoralization to lower the resistance of the institution for further attacks.

Denigration is an excellent tool for lowering the status of the enemy and is again a common Prog tactic to wear down its enemies. Whereas demonization can often be countered with a Chad Meme – “Yes, we are like that, what can you do about it?”, denigration is designed to hit you where it hurts the most. Half-truths are excellent propaganda because the payload is hidden in the part that is untrue and you need to unpack the attack completely to repudiate it. The meme of “street shitting Indians” is a very easy and low cost denigration, because the facts of open defecation cannot be easily denied (despite street shitting being largely a thing of the past, following Modi’s efforts at Swachch Bharat since 2014), and yet explaining the cause is rather hard work and takes immense energy and effort. Again, this Prog attack works because it is based on “facts” but with payload. Unfortunately it is such an effective tool that even Western Right-wing commentators fall for it and unwittingly use it against us.

Progs, being adharmic, of course use tools of adharma very naturally and for us Dharmics to guard against such attacks is imperative. We need our own memes which can take out and neutralize the payload of Prog attack without much effort instead of responding in good faith to such.