On Sanyasa and the pursuit of greater spiritual goals

Pursuit of something “higher” has necessarily to correspond to the Dharmic duties of this material world. Sanyasa is the solution offered by Hinduism to those who want to pursue a higher realm than the material world.

Here’s the full comment I left on Jim’s Blog, on the pursuit of “higher purpose”:

In Hinduism, we divide life into roughly four stages: Celibate studenthood (Bharmacharya – the pursuit of knowledge/studies without distraction), Family duties (Grihastashrama – marriage and becoming the householder/chief patriarch and raising a family), retirement (Vanaprashta – withdrawing from all worldly affairs by handing over the reigns to your eldest son in old age) and only finally Sanyasa (which is optional, since it is a rigorous life that even the most hardy can find difficult).

The Hindu solution of pursuit for a “higher purpose”, is the very extreme pursuit of Sanyasa, where you give up all your possessions, attachment to worldly pleasures, property and even your relations and become a wandering ascetic living off food that is offered by others. The Sanyasi is not even supposed to be particular about the taste of food that he is offered and supposed to live the life of a wandering ascetic.

All pursuit of “something greater” has to necessarily involve giving up of pursuit of worldly pleasures/material/power and so on.This can only be for the very few who are determined to reach for greater spiritual pursuits. The Sanyasa path is so hard that, even in the religious sphere, he is not allowed to gather devotees and become a center of power.

The Grihasta’s primary duty is to raise a family and take care of his family.

Reaching for “greater things” within the material sphere, beyond the primary duty of the householder often leads only to demon worship. In that sense, even the King is a householder whose primary purpose is to maintain and uphold the patriarchy within the Earthly realm. Any King who sees something greater than maintaining the patriarchy, often sows the seed of Leftism. Because the Leftists are the ones who see “greater things” in the material sphere beyond the primary duty of the householder and they pursue those at the detriment of the primary duties within the material sphere..

Those who want to pursue a higher purpose, should necessarily give up all things worldly, physically and mentally, including pursuit of wealth, social standing, luxury, comforts, love of women and tasty food, etc. and become a Sanyasi having nothing more as wealth than the cloth he wears. The Sanyasi is not even supposed to earn a living and ought to live on the food that he is offered by way of alms, while pursuing higher spiritual goals.

That is to say, Hinduism realizes that pursuit of “higher purpose” is to be something with a very high entry barrier and should involve massive sacrifice of all the worldly stuff and that sacrifice has to be completely voluntary and after reaching a higher level of spiritual prowess , and never as the result of becoming weary of life. The pursuit of all other things in life, in this worldly sphere, must always be within the context of the pursuit of the goals of the Grihastashrama. Anything other than this, leads to demon worship, like all the Leftisms of the modern era.

P.S. It is possible entirely to attain Moksha without necessarily following higher spiritual paths, by staying on the path of Dharma in this material world.

P.P.S. The pursuit of “something higher” within this material sphere which does not align with the Dharmic duties prescribed for each stage of life, always leads to greater misery and unhappiness.

Non-dharmic “goodness” always fails and becomes another tool of adharma

I define non-dharma as a state that is neither Dharma nor adharma, meaning it is essentially a vacuum.

One of the big problems with modern day values and ethics is that it is non-aligned to Dharma, essentially making it a big adharma-sucking vacuum machine, either getting subverted or consumed by adharma in the process. Thus every “-ism” unconnected with Dharma (which is pretty much every modern ideology) has effectively enabled adharma indirectly by non-alignment with Dharma. Non-dharmic goodness, starting out as a vacuum, thus develops into a cult of “goodness” demanding ever increasing sacrifices of a demonic nature to its “goodness”.

This is part of the reason why Gandhian non-violence, and in general, all fake ideologies like this or that “Liberalism” fail and fail miserably (in fact in the present context, every “Liberalism” is indeed a trojan horse/tool of adharma). Non-dharma has no inherent spiritual power, though the original intention of a non-dharmic ideology might be considered “noble.” Gandhi, though possessed of some spiritual prowess, tragically failed to understand the real driving force of his spirituality (which was the latent power of Lord Sri Rama) and deludedly came to a conclusion that passive non-violence is a spiritual force that can convince and reform the adharmic. Appealing to adharma on the lines of logic, reasoning, rationality and goodness are destined and designed to fail. Hence, the huge failure of Gandhianism to prevent the Partition of India and the subsequent savage violence unleashed thereafter, leading to the continued suffering of innumerable Hindus to this day in present-day Pakistan

Another problem with “goodness” as separated from Dharma is that the huge fear of adharma often blinds the “good” from understanding the real threat of adharma. Most moderns know that evil is around them, but become blind to it, both out of fear and due to adharma’s inherent power of illusion.

Adharma is repelled by Dharma alone, and only a Dharmic priest / warrior class can keep adharma at bay in a nation. Unfortunately, in most nations today, the ruling priests/warriors, who started off in non-dharmic ways either being unaware of Dharma or by blatantly ignoring it, have now become openly adharmic.

Liberalism is a propaganda tool, not a legitimate ideology

One of the things that trouble me with a lot of mainstream Right wing types is their stand of being liberal, but not Leftist. There is also the school of thought that by exposing the leftist doublespeak on liberalism, the Right can gain mileage. This is a troubling position, because “liberalism” as such is not a legitimate ideology (not even a legitimate left-wing ideology, unlike Communism which is a religion) and any attempt to expose leftist hypocrisy or competing with Leftists to become more-Liberal-than-thou is always doomed to fail, precisely because it’s a Leftist propaganda meme, and you’ll never be “liberal enough” for the actual Leftists however much you may try. And by leaning towards liberalism and actually meaning it, you are weakening your own position and tying your own hands. History tells us that genuinely liberal ruling Elites have always been defeated by enemies who unfailingly exploited this weakness to the hilt. In fact, in an earlier article I had explained how adharma uses Maya / illusion as a weapon against Dharma. Liberalism is one such illusory weapon used by adharmic forces to defeat Dharmic opponents.

Among the text-book definitions of Liberalism as per a quick google search, this one stands out for our purposes: a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.

But of course, definitions of political terms are always propaganda. It is a term that has long been usurped by the Leftist elite and whose meaning is controlled by them but which actual Leftists don’t really believe in. To the extent that it is used, it serves only as a powerful meme/Trojan horse to protect Leftists when out of power and consequently to weaken enemies on the Right by holding them to standards that they themselves aren’t subject to when in power. Any right-winger who truly believes in Liberalism is a fool who has bought into the propaganda. You can never be liberal enough for a Leftist. The goal-posts keep shifting. Notice how the standards of Liberalism keep changing to keep the Right on the defensive.

So any time a “right-winger” or a “moderate” claims to be a liberal, it is either a Leftist in camouflage using it for propaganda purposes, or a fool who’s bought into that propaganda.

Anything taken out of context can be made to look ridiculous

Today I just randomly switched on a movie channel on TV which happened to be showing the final scene of the movie – the “climax” scene as we Indians call it. And I realized one thing. Watching the climax of a movie without watching the build up deprives the climax of its power of engagement. It’s just a random scene pulled out of context and doesn’t mean anything unless you’ve watched the build up of tension leading to it and understand the characters and their background stories.

If you’ve not done it, try watching just the final scene of a very serious and intense movie without watching the rest of the movie. And better still, watch it on mute. You will find it hilarious, or at least ridiculous.

And that, my friends, is a common “debate” tactic used by journalists and the Leftist “mainstream” media these days (they use other more subtle tactics, but this one is the most obvious and blatant tactic). You can pull anything out of context and make it appear ridiculous. Trying to debate in good faith with somebody who uses this tactic is a waste of time and energy, because he’s probably put you on mute too and is not really interested in the context.

The spiritual subordination of the Western mind

One of the things that strike me over and over again as I visit Western reactionary/dissident right wing websites is their spiritual subordination to the Progressive demons. While their intellect is rebelling against Progressivism and the forces of adharma, their spirit seems completely and totally subordinated by the very demons they profess to despise. Very few, rare individuals like Jim of Jim’s Blog are both spiritually and intellectually free from the influence of demons, but this is so exceptional that Jim stands out as a Prophet among mere mortals. This is one of the things that struck me, because though the average Right winger can recognize evil for what it is, he is unable to trace the evil back to its roots and hence becomes confused and troubled. What partly prevents this is of course, the spiritual inability to traverse the path to ancestral roots. An example of this is the inability of even many dissident Right wingers to understand the true nature of patriarchy and the role of women in a patriarchal society. We Hindu dissidents have a natural advantage in this regard, because our generation of Hindus can still remember the functional patriarchial society in which our grandfathers lived and where our grandmothers lived long, fulfilled lives performing the roles that nature intended them to. For the West, the memory of ancient wisdom seems distant and too remote.

This is completely understandable from a Dharmic frame, because despite the political subordination of Hinduism to external forces for centuries, Dharmic traditions have continued to stubbornly survive the onslaught of Semitic religions and our ancient wisdom still survives to this day despite being assaulted from all directions. The core of Dharmic tradition survives to this day because the average Hindu is still spiritually linked to his forefathers whether he understands this connection or not (the Progressive elite Hindu understands the link and deliberately and malavolently chooses to cut it, thus bringing down ancestral curse upon himself).

That is why the modern Progressive attack on Hinduism is particularly (and viciously) focussing on destroying Dharmic traditions and replacing them with Progressive ideals which will cut the spiritual link for the next generation of Hindus. The attack on traditional Hindu festivals is just one visible, prominent aspect of this. If the attack is successful, the next generation of Hindus will resemble the present generation of Western Europeans: cultureless, rootless and utterless helpless against the onslaught of hostile immigrant races.

The Hindu right must be aware that the biggest danger to Dharma comes not from external forces, but those very Progressive Hindus who argue that Hinduism, rightly understood, is Progressivism, and whose origins can be traced back to the “Hindu reformers” of the Brahmo Samaj mould who did so much to destroy Hinduism’s Chesterton fences and subvert Hindu society.

Is something in the air for 2024?

Twitter’s recent run-ins with the Indian government doesn’t seem to be random or thoughtless. Something is going on here. Twitter’s insolent reluctance to submit to India’s laws, their recent outrageous blocking of Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad’s account and displaying India’s map without Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh all point to “testing the waters” i.e. checking for India’s official response. What are they testing the waters for then?

Since Joe Biden doddering ascent on the Empire’s throne, radical Leftists has been emboldened the world over through covert and overt support from the Cathedral.

To me, it appears that Twitter’s actions are not random, but a part of the Cathedral’s game for India’s 2024 General Elections. Twitter’s attitude suggests that they will de-escalate the present situation (after tabulating the results of their present experiment) but are preparing for launching a full-scale social media attack on “right wing” accounts around the time of the 2024 elections. I expect similar tactics from other Cathedral-controlled social media as well. A full blown media attack, along with other ground-level strategies to dethrone Narendra Modi may well be part of the Cathedral’s larger plans.

P.S. Unfortunately I expect only empty and ineffectual threats of lawfare from the Indian government and not any concrete action. Even if the Indian government does take some reluctant, half-hearted action against Twitter, the Courts will come rushing to their rescue.

The Ancestral curse problem

What is ancestral curse and how does it affect a society? If you think in terms of Dharma and the four varnas it is obvious that all sections of society are not equally affected by ancestral curse. More so, because ancestral curse seems most effective only among the elites leading to problems like dropping fertility levels, loss of caste and so on. Why?

Consider the roles of the four Varnas in society and their “sins” (i.e. non-performance or wrong performance of their assigned Dharmic roles). Note that sins are different from mere inability. That is to say, a being a dull or stupid Brahmin is merely an inability, not a sin. A weak will/force of personality is an inability of a Kshatriya, not a sin. Lack of business acumen is an inability of a Vaishya, not a sin, while being physically weak or unskilled is an inability of a Shudra, not a sin. Sins are those acts which are deliberately and wilfully committed against assigned Dharmic duties of the respective Varnas. In fact, these inabilities are passed down to subsequent generations as consequences of past sins of the individual or family concerned.

  • Brahmin – priests and intellectuals. Generally thought leaders, philosophers and advisors. Sins: failure to adhere to the greater Dharma, false teaching, intellectual dishonesty and giving adharmic advise from a position of trust.
  • Kshatriya – warriors and kings. Generally political leaders, higher ranking military officers and law enforcers. Sins: Cowardice, failure to protect those under their protection, disloyalty to the King/Nation etc.
  • Vaishya – merchants and entrepreneurs. Generally businessmen, traders, shopkeepers and so on, but may also include other entrepreneurial intellectuals. Sins: Dishonesty in business practices – unethical business practices, cheating customers, keeping fraudulent accounts, not paying employees properly and so on.
  • Shudra – skilled and unskilled labourers and craftsmen. Generally carpenters, masons, rank-and-file soldiers and all kinds of skilled and unskilled labourers. Sins: Physical laziness, deliberate avoidance of work and putting in less effort at work.

If we understand the above roles in society, it becomes obvious that the different duties of each varna and the consequences of non-performance of such duties are highly varied.

The least affected by ancestral curse is the Shudra varna. Mainly because the non-adherence of the Dharma of a Shudra will merely result in his own suffering and the suffering of his family members (not going for work due to laziness will result in termination from employment or loss of pay). If an employer or society suffers at all due to the sin of a Shudra, it is very easily set right.

The other less affected Varna is the Vaishya. Because cheating in business and engaging in unethical practices will, in the long run, ruin the good name and reputation of the Vaishya concerned. If too many Vaishyas deliberately avoid their Dharma, it may affect the general business community and lead to a collapsing economy, but this is usually avoided, because the results of adharmic Vaishya conduct are obvious and the general lack of cohesion among Vaishyas act as a deterrent against collective misconduct.

The more affected Varna is the Kshatriya class. Because the failure to protect the Nation/King from foreign enemies or even internal enemies can lead to far more severe consequences, including the destruction of the Nation. This naturally puts a huge onus on the Kshatriya class to maintain solidarity and weed out disloyal and cowardly elements from their ranks. The highest the rank, the bigger the burden of the Kshatriya.

The worst affected is the Brahmin class. Because when a Brahmin, who is in a trusted advisory position, or looked on as a highly meritorious and worthy teacher abuses that position to spread false ideas and adharmic ideals, it destroys not only the Nation, but also civilization as a whole and the prevalence of adharmic ideologies prevents rebuilding civilization for generations to come.

This Brahminical sin is what has afflicted most of modern civilization the most. In past generations, nations ravaged by war were able to rebuild because the failure was that of the Kshatriyas, not the Brahmins. But modern society is continuously getting degraded and drowning in false ideology, evil teachings and adharmic religions which will take several generations to rectify, even after the underlying adharmic forces are destroyed.

Ancestral curse is very real. Modern “Brahmins” i.e, the society’s priests, thinkers, thought leaders and intellectuals are the culprits for the problems of the last couple of centuries. And no wonder that the modern “Brahmins” suffer the brunt of the ancestral curse.

Dharmic duty of a son to his father

A comment I wrote on Jim’s blog, in response to a debate on whether a son is required by Dharma to absolute obedience of his father’s commands, which I think is worth publishing as its own entry (edited for clarity):

I disagree that absolute obedience of father by son is commanded by Hindu Dharma. On the other hand, the story of Hiranyakashipu and Prahalada clearly shows that a son has no duty to follow his father to hell, and indeed, it is adharmic if a son does so. Prahalada clearly disobeyed his father by refusing to acknowledge him as greater than Lord Vishnu himself. So clearly there are limits on obedience as a virtue.

In the Ramayana, Lord Rama honoured his father Dasaratha, who was a Dharmic soul and who had given a rash boon to his wife Kaikeyi. Rama sought to honour his father by keeping the promise. If the promise had entailed the destruction of Ayodhya or the Solar dynasty, Lord Rama would never have fulfilled such a promise, but rather found a way to save his father’s honour and at the same time disobey him. The fact is, Dasaratha’s boon to Kaikeyi was not adharmic, in the sense that the decision to anoint Bharatha as the crown prince was not adharmic or destructive and in fact Lord Rama considered his brothers to be a part of Himself. In fact, such a drama was ordained by the Lord himself as part of the Avatara, to freely pursue and destroy the adharmic Ravana.

I take the postion that if a father commands his son to do adharma and which would result in bad karma towards his ancestors, family or clan, the son has a duty not to obey him and in fact oppose him if he attempts such destruction. If a father commands his son not to have any children or even convert to another religion, that is a grave sin against his ancestors, because the continuance of his lineage is a duty to his ancestors and breaking that by either voluntarily choosing not to have children or converting to a different religion directly affects his ancestors who are, in fact, as per Hindu belief reborn as his own descendants. In fact, I would argue that such a family with such an adharmic father might be bearing the curse of their ancestors. In that case, the best duty that a son can perform is to honour his father, but not obey him and in fact, take steps to lead his father back to dharma and mitigate the ancestral curse. That is the best duty and the only duty.

A drunk father cannot command the absolute obedience of his son, but dharma commands that any father should be honoured by his son and a son’s duty is to protect his father from his own adharma, even by force if necessary.

The radical Left’s throw of the dice

The ongoing farmers’ protests turning violent today has led me to believe that the radical Left in India are emboldened enough to believe that such a move will receive not only sympathetic and encouraging responses from the Global Lefist media, but even indirect support from the US State Department. I note that the international media had in fact dubbed the Modi Government’s farm laws “controversial”, not so subtly justifying the protests. But this blog post is not about the merits of the farm laws.

I had already mentioned in my earlier blog post on Joe Biden’s victory that India can expect increased social unrest and separatism funded by the Leftist American Empire. But even I am a bit surprised at this sudden escalation. Sudden escalations in Leftism have a tendency to backfire if done without State backing. And in this, I think the radical Left (along with their comrades, the Khalistani separatists) in India has shown excessive impatience, because the immediate fallout of this violence will be to discredit the “mostly peaceful” farmers’ protests which had become a thorn in the flesh of the Central Government. Indeed the Government has been on the back foot, since the Supreme Court of India intervened to suspend the laws till the issues are sorted in dialogue.

Yet, this blatant attack on Republic Day is a sign that the Left will become more aggressive and more violent in the days to come. The farmers’ agitation is merely a pawn in the bigger game. Handling the radical Left and these dangerous separatist elements will be an acid test for the BJP Government and Modiji’s leadership in the coming three years. The 2024 General Election results and the future of the Republic may well depend on it.

Adharma vs adharma infighting won’t restore Dharma magically

In an earlier blog post I had referred to an “adharma vs adharma” battle within the Left, i.e. old school Leftism vs the adharma of corruption and nepotism, which slowed down the ever-leftward movement of “pure” Leftism. However, the point is not that adharma vs adharma by itself is sufficient. There is no magical dharmic revival happening, even if the overall strength of adharmic forces is weakened. For Dharma to prevail, a Dharmic revival is a must amidst the ruins brought about by the infighting and collapse of adharmic forces. And a Dharmic revival is not something that can magically happen. A spiritual resurgence is a must for any Dharmic revival to happen and for that, you need the core of an ancient Dharma to provide the spark.

Many modern rightists, particularly a section of the Western dissident right tend to dismiss spiritual revival and believe that ever accelerating Leftism will end up destroying itself and from the ruins of society will emerge a restoration of Tradition and Order, in the present state of humanity. But that is a long and arduous process and there is no magic wand that just “restores” civilization. A society consists of individuals and the sum of societal Dharma is only as good as the average of the individual Dharma in that society. A society that seeks to restore Dharma cannot merely rely on different forms of adharma destroying one another. Because the mere absence of adharma is not Dharma.

Modern rightists also falsely believe that allying with one form of adharma to defeat another will help their cause. This is also an absolutely mistaken and in fact, in the long term, a destructive position to take.

The crucial part is that, the glue that holds together a Dharmic revival has to necessarily be an ancient religion with a spiritual foundation that transcends the comprehension of mere mortals. You need this antiquity and tradition for legitimacy, large-scale cooperation and acceptance because every modern religion (and even modern variants on ancient religions) have either ended up being rootless, kooky obscure cults of the fringes rightly rejected by mainstream society or being subverted and coopted by Leftists to serve their nefarious ends. Ancient mysteries are rightly revered and treated as part of cultural mythology. Any attempt at incorporating modern mystery into a new modern religion would end up being treated as foolishly whimsical and freakish like, for example, the various cults of UFOs/space aliens.

The Kali Yuga and particularly this particular epoch is not conducive to reinvention of ancient wheels that are imperfectly and insufficiently understood.