Unfair criticism of Modiji

One of the criticisms that our Honourable Prime Minister faces is that he’s not done enough, he’s not doing enough and he has failed to fulfill his promises. This criticism does not necessarily come only from his ideological enemies (who tend to use such criticism more as a tactic rather than out of conviction), but mainly from formerly enthusiastic Modi supporters who are getting increasingly impatient and disillusioned that Modiji has not achieved miracles within the limited framework of the Indian Democracy and constitution. Of course, this is unfair, not only because Modiji has to work within the system which is already flawed and severely restricts his powers, but also because the way of Dharma is necessarily the way of re-construction, which is slow, not glamorous and frequently not newsworthy. Modiji has indeed achieved a lot both in his first and his present term, the most important achievement being the re-unification of Kashmir with India by abolishing Article 370. Without doubt, Article 370 was fundamentally flawed and destructive because no country can stay stable with a particular region always designated as “special status” and not subject to the laws of the land as applicable elsewhere. Leaving aside the other historical and political aspects, such a status for any state or region is untenable and destabilizing in the long run. Modiji recognized that for India to develop as a world power, India needs to be integrated as a whole. And the first step to achieving stability is to integrate Kashmir wholly with India, something which the Congress party keeps fighting against.

A hell of a lot has changed for the better in India under Modiji if one observes beyond the mainstream “Secular” media narrative. But patience is the key because restoring Dharma after decades of failed Socialism since independence is necessarily a reconstruction project and making India a great nation among the nations is not trivial even within a time frame of two or three decades let alone one or two terms in office as a Prime Minister.

Hindu Muslim “unity” for the Secularists

The recent Tanishq ad showing a Hindu-Muslim couple interfaith marriage as a lofty, noble ideal to be lived up to and emulated, clearly ignoring reality, has rightly annoyed a huge section of Hindus in India, because it subliminally reinforces the Secular Holy Principle that it’s always the Hindu who has to compromise, to make peace, to bow down and surrender the dignity of their faith before the “holy” altar of “Secularism” and never the member of the other faith.

Predictably, Hindus who dare question as to why is it that the Hindu always has to surrender to the other faith their values and culture are being labelled as misogynistic, bigoted, hateful, communal, intolerant and whatever by the High Priests of Secularism in the mainstream media.

As I said before, Adharma is repelled by Dharma. Yes, this may become a recurring theme on this blog.

Why the Left hates Modiji

To understand why the Left hates our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi so much, it is important to understand that Leftism is not a mere political movement. Understand that Dharma is light and Adharma is darkness. When the light of dharma shines on adharma, adharma is repelled and adharmic forces fight back to restore the darkness. This is exactly what is happening – Leftism is an adharmic religion.

Recall that Modiji in 2002 was a relatively unknown politician outside of the BJP and outside of his home state Gujarat. Following the Gujarat riots, an unprecedented hate campaign was unleashed against Modiji wherein the Leftist forces were desperate to nail Modiji as complicit in the riots. Even though communal riots have occurred before and after Gujarat in India, Modiji was singled out and put under extreme stress both through the sustained media campaign against him as well as the legal process and yet Modiji emerged unscathed through it all, establishing his innocence and virtue. Still, to this day, the Left continues to target Modiji by slinging as much mud against him as possible and hoping that something sticks. That Modiji continued to grow in stature as a leader and as a statesman is testament to his mental strength and also his Dharmic nature. That the Left hates Modiji so much that they flung such filth against him with so much vehemence even when he was just the Chief Minister of Gujarat is testament to the fact that in Modiji, they instinctively recognized a Dharmic force that they hated, feared and despised.

The hate spewed against Modiji is irrational and visceral. If it was a mere political battle, Modiji would not have faced the kind of abuse and hatred he was subjected to. Leftists’ hatred is not mere political opposition to Modiji but something beyond that. To the Left, nothing Modiji does is acceptable, even when his leadership has clearly taken India to a place of pride among the nations and India increasingly becomes prosperous and developed. When Modiji takes ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas’ to the masses, and when Modiji continues to make ‘Swachch Bharat’ a reality, the Left finds the rug pulled from under their feet and hate and fear Modiji more than ever. When Modiji implements his vision for ‘make in India’ and establishes our self-sufficiency, the Left continues to mock him. And they will continue to chant repeatedly that Modiji is a Hindutva Nationalist, fascist, anti-minority and so on while ignoring the real hate-mongers who call for Modiji’s death. Even if we repeatedly prove that Modiji has implemented his development schemes for all Indians, irrespectively of caste, creed, religion etc. the Left will still project him as a divisive, hate-inspiring figure and continue their fear mongering.

Adharma is repelled by Dharma.

Why Dharmic Reality

To make sense of a world that is increasingly adharmic and chaotic, one needs to go back to Dharma and view the world from that lens. In today’s world, people have lost the moral compass, the concept of good and evil, right and wrong and hence confused.

As someone who has found modern Progressive Leftism increasingly evil and totalitarian (and hence adharmic) and increasingly bent upon controlling the political narrative on their own terms both in the Western world and also in India, the land of Dharma, I naturally turned to right wing neo reactionary politics to get an intellectual dissection of the Left which was sorely missing in main stream traditional Right wing opposition to the Left. What comes across as shocking at first, it slowly dawned on me how much the Leftist narrative has suppressed intellectual opposition by making such topics they consider uncomfortable into “thought crimes” – unspeakable and un-debatable – and labelling anybody who disagrees with their narrative as “fascist”, “racist”, “bigoted” and so on. Any opposition to Left wing ideology on their own terms is doomed to failure.

I am no scholar, but this is my humble attempt at making sense of modern political reality from the point of view of Hindu dharma.