Cultural roots

I am a firm believer that people are rooted culturally to the soil they are born in. By being born and brought up in a country you imbibe that culture and you become part of it. And you can never transport your culture to an alien land if you immigrate, at least not without significant damage. And that is because culture is not just internal. For a culture to thrive the society in which the culture is embedded has to support it. And if you aggressively propagate your culture in an alien land, you are likely to face significant resistance and hostility. Even holding on to your values becomes challenging because everyone around you aren’t tuned in to your values even though they have to pretend to respect your culture because you’re a member of a minority community.

Spiritually also this holds true. I don’t mean to disrespect Hindus living in foreign lands trying to hold on to their culture, but it is a losing battle because the alien soil is not fertile for Hinduism. A Hindu temple in the US may be a place of worship and social gathering but will never have the thousand year old vibe or cultural significance of an ancient Hindu temple in India. The very soil of Bharat that is India is steeped in Dharma. The tapas of our Maharishis and the righteousness of our Dharmic Kings are living in each and every stone of the temples they built.

From my own observations, Hindus who immigrate to foreign lands become less and less Hindu over time despite their well-meaning intention to preserve and pass on Hindu culture to their children. Unfortunately most second generation Indians in the US only bear Indian names and have nothing common with our Indian civilization. They are South Asian racially, nothing more. And the true tragedy is that they don’t become true cultural citizens of the alien culture either because they don’t belong and they can never belong. They may have superficial characteristics of both cultures but that is not culture at all. They become rootless and culture-less over time. The third generation will be even more clueless about their ancestors’ culture.

The so-called multiculturalism propagated by progressives is harmful to both the host culture and the guest culture and reduces people to culture-less rootless individuals over time. A person with a Hindu name and a brown skin celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving along with Diwali in the US is neither a Hindu nor a Christian. But over time he will become a progressive Hindu/Christian or atheist with no sense of loyalty to either the land of his parents or his adopted country. And the worst is that he will be proud of that because of the progressive brainwashing. Most modern Leftists tend to identity as “global citizens”.

Progressivism is destroying cultures worldwide by forcing multiculturalism. And the true tragedy is that Dharmic cultures are often significant victims in the process because the opportunity to lead a Dharmic life in a Dharmic land is something that is not easily attainable by human beings in Kali Yuga. And all the more reason to protect our own Dharmic land from falling a victim to the rampant disease of multiculturalism prevailing in the West.

2 thoughts on “Cultural roots”

  1. The 3HO movement in Western culture, which has incorporated certain Sikh beliefs, defines Sikh Dharma broadly as all that constitutes religion, moral duty and way of life.


    1. 3HO seems to be some cult loosely based on Sikhism. Not sure what is the relevance to the topic at hand. Most Oriental philosophy/culture imported by the West seem to become weird cults.


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