The Dharmic “Right” position

I neither identify as a traditionalist in the conventional sense nor a conservative in the modern sense. The position of this blog is what I can describe as the “Dharmic Right”. It is an absolute position grounded in Dharma. Chaos and disorder may have a thousand faces and manifestations, but viewed from a Dharmic frame, are all identifiable as adharma.

When you get caught up in modern debates of left vs right, conservative vs liberal and so on, you lose the Dharmic compass. While recognizing the differences and distinguishing between the various modern adharmic and non-dharmic philosophies is important, it is still necessary to view them from the Dharmic compass.

Dharma is the Cosmic Order, which is timeless and formless, and any position aligned to the Cosmic Order is what I define as tradition. In so far as the Ancient Rishis described the Cosmic Order and the knowledge was handed down from the Divine to the Human through the Vedas, that is Dharma and aligns with my understanding of tradition. There can be no date on “tradition” such as going back to any arbitrary date in the Calendar or even a prior century.

Only by viewing the world from the above frame, one can avoid the confusion of relativism and modern thinking.

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