Why Leftism cannot be defined precisely

A comment I left on Jim’s Blog

Reality is in your blood, bones, flesh and the air you breathe, the world around you. You cannot describe reality or natural law generally because it is within and outside you and defies precise definition. Yet we are born intuitively aligned to it.

Yet we all know reality when we see it and human instinct is connected to it.

It is the leftists who need elaborate and infinite justifications to defy reality. Leftists who take themselves seriously become evil and insane over time while the cynical leftists are merely thieves and opportunists looking to increase their power and status. We find it hard to define leftism because they have an infinite number of ways to reject reality.

A few more observations: I see Leftism as one aspect of adharma which constructs elaborate justifications clothed in moralistic (non-Dharmic) ideologies for rejecting Reality. While the justifications keep changing over time, the base aspect of rejection of Reality remains.

The difference between the barbarian who wants to sack Rome and the Leftist is that the barbarian instinctively recognizes natural law and respects real strength, probably even ready to retreat on facing a stronger foe, while mercilessly attacking weakness as he perceives it; whereas the Leftist is boiling and seething with rage over the very existence of Reality as expressed through natural law and wants to weaken and destroy the strong, not by his own strength but by subverting natural law because he himself cannot be strong.

Another point: the Leftist does have a certain spiritual energy (of a negative kind) which cannot entirely be defeated or destroyed using intellect alone. Any opposition to adharma has to derive strength from Dharma, and cannot rely on non-Dharmic means or intellect alone.

P.S. The barbarian’s actions may be adharmic, however the barbarian is not a Leftist and he can be defeated by, and will submit to physical force.

4 thoughts on “Why Leftism cannot be defined precisely”

  1. You do not think Jim’s definitions are precise enough? Knocking over apple carts to steal some apples. It’s surprising how much that simple definition covers


    1. Merely technical definition does not suffice. Because even mere thieves knock over apple carts to steal apples. Mere barbarians indulge in destruction and looting of beautiful stuff.. What I meant is that leftists construct a “moral” justification to grab and destroy things and they derive spiritual energy of a negative kind when they indulge in it. And they do it with sincere religious fervour.


  2. Some historic personalities are practically the embodiment of certain spirit(s). Exemplum gratia: Saul[e] Alinsky, an arch-satanist who hated society’s stability and peaceableness with the venom of a million cobras. . . .

    By the way, how would I categorize co-wid-nineteenism? As a leftist project. . . ? Or something else?
    I heard that some anti-dotes were developed against the slow-poison (misnamed cov-19 vaxxin); only accessible to the so-called global elite.


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