Merchants never rule

One of the common debates that often come up in modern Right wing circles is the notion that Capitalists are evilzzz and are the principal drivers of political events and the narrative, as the shadowy bosses of the political class behind the scenes. This is both a left-wing attack and also a Prole “Right-wing” attack since Merchants are soft targets in any social hierarchy: they tend to be vulnerably wealthy and wealth gives the illusion of power without actual power.

But from a Varnashrama point of view, it is clear that having money does not give power. Power is the ability to merely open your palm and receive money. Priests, by definition, shun Mammon. Yet why do Priests in power receive money from merchants voluntarily? Well, it’s the “Tithe”, the quasi-official Church-tax of the modern political class. When the political elite (principally Priests in a democracy) gets funding from big business, big business is not in any way or manner influencing the Priests. On the other hand the receipt of Tithe shows the power and position of Priests vis-à-vis Merchants in the hierarchy. Every time a Merchant digs into his pocket to pay a Priest, the Merchant reinforces his own subordinate status to the Priest. While small Merchants are extremely low status, bigger Merchants fare little better in terms of political power.

Note that this phenomenon should not be confused with taxation. A “tax” is that which is levied by a Kshatriya Ruler on his subjects with a reciprocal promise of maintaining public order and development/maintenance of national infrastructure, which is to the direct benefit of all, especially Merchants. A Priest on the other hand gives absolutely no reciprocal promise for receiving “funding” from a Merchant. In fact, the Merchant signals his own holiness and allegiance to the Priesthood by giving money. In other words, a no-strings-attached tribute to the State Elite. By paying Tithe the Big Merchant merely gets minor status rewards and protection from committing inconsequential crimes (i.e. crimes that don’t affect the Priesthood’s power and status) from time to time, but never in a manner to overshadow the actual Priests in power. Note that these rewards are not a “right” that the Merchant can claim as one accrued on payment of Tithe, but handed out at the pleasure of the Priest, subject to his own arbitrary whim and fancy. Merchants who keep close to power give the appearance and illusion of power, but can be “cancelled” at any time by a ruling-class Priestly attack. It is the natural power dynamic and how Priests keep Merchants in line.

This is clear from the manner in which ruling Priests attack Merchants who tend to fall even slightly out of line from the State Religion and direct the anger of the Proles at the Merchants for “robbing them and keeping them poor.” Such Merchants are then forced to publicly fall at the Priest’s feet seeking apology. In a Communist State, of course, Merchants are cancelled completely and all Mercantile activity is taken over by a wing of the State, with the usual predictable fall-outs.


49 thoughts on “Merchants never rule

  1. What’s your opinion on this video?

    The Indo-European migrations that formed the Vedic Societies that led to current India?


    1. Survivethejive married a known mudshark in a church.
      Conclusion of AIT or OIT is white womyn belong to Khalsa.



  2. Like

  3. I am most pleasantly surprised and most suitably impressed by how Bharata is handling these things. Also surprised by how the Americans are practically bending over backwards to accomodate us. Again underscores that, while not perfect, LataNaresha is the best we have, by a country Mile


    Can you believe the Americans are making waivers for us? So we can purchase Russian weapons!!!! Weapons from their sworn adversary!??!! The Americans may not like us, but they sure respect us. We have got their attention.


    Look at this! The Americans never stop trying and we never stop rejecting them. How many more rejections can they take? They keep getting rejected and keep granting us waivers. Remember the days that Pakistan used to do the same to the Americans and we used to beg, beg, beg the Americans to please stop stop stop pampering that Bitch Pakistan, beg beg beg the Americans to please like us and do something nice for once in a while and not keep getting their nuts kicked by that b***** because we would treat them so much better, cook for them, give them massages, do their laundry and they used to just ignore us or laugh at us.

    How things have changed!!!

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      1. Foreign policy was always strong; Endia has invaded & annexed more than any post 47.
        Domestic policy Pak wins – they have Zamindar reservations, untouchability & land post army service.

        India is a low tfr hellhole run by Libtard BBKK who want to see Kshatriyas mix with Dalits.
        Pakis treat Pathans how white treat BNs though – criminals who they give daughters 2.


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        1. We were ruled by a traitorous elite prior to 2014, barring a short stint. Case of rocket scientist Nambi Narayanan is a prime example of how the old Left actively wanted to sabotage our space programme.


          1. What’s your take on the post 2019 Modi turn toward anti-caste activism?
            Drug problems definitely died down post demonetization despite its criticisms.

            For all we complain, you’re correct – pre 2014 we had active mass conversions to christcuck.
            My gut tells me Modi needs to go by 2034 no sense staying beyond that. 34 not 24


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            1. I am not very savvy on the electoral politics going on, but I think the BJP wants consolidation of the Hindu vote, which has been effective in winning elections. For this reason, they want to avoid inter-caste politics and vote division on those lines. Note the nomination of a tribal leader for President. This has taken the wind out of the electoral sails of the anti-BJP caste-based parties.

              I think the logic of the BJP is that they are more concerned about regional caste-based anti-BJP parties than the national opposition.


            2. Handle_anon & others frequently speak of Modi’s caste war against GC & increase in budget for Muslim & Dalit gibs. How we’re literally starving development for Gibs. We’re at the 3rd gen of this polity too.

              Can’t find the thread now, but they theorized that BJP felt too much intl pressure for being anti-Muslim. So post-2019 they’ve switched to demonizing Brahmins which gets intl accolades & placates masses.



              Some more:



            3. My personal take is just that India Endia w/e is only 10 years ahead of the West.


              “On May 11, 2018, [Conor] Daly announced he would be making his NASCAR Xfinity Series debut at Road America in August, driving the No. 6 Ford Mustang for Roush Fenway Racing with sponsorship from Eli Lilly and Company. Before the race, it was announced that Lilly would not be sponsoring Daly in the race when it was discovered that his father Derek had used a racial slur during an interview in the 1980s.
              — Wikipedia: “Conor Daly””





            4. Re: caste

              Problem is not dalits being feted. They are proles and have no memetic power of their own. Once the State Religion becomes harmonised, caste-problems vanish. Don’t look at the BLM looters, look at the Jews behind them.

              While I was indeed wistful at the nomination of Smt Draupadi Murmu for President, yet she, a humble woman who does seva before Shri Mahadev[1], is not the problem. Yashwant Sinha, a caste Hindu, intellectual, formerly a Dharmic warrior, allowing pride to corrupt him so thoroughly is the problem.

              Caste Hindus should beware pride. It has been the downfall of many a Kshatriya. Eating out of Shabari’s hands will not kill Kshatriya Dharma — not producing Kshatriya babies will. Brahamans, especially, are vulnerable to pride, and this has been exploited skilfully by Moloch.

              I think Hindu temples should organise seva regularly like gurudwaras, to kill sinful pride.

              Caste is biologically driven. As long as we keep up our fertility, all other problems are merely temporary.


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            5. Re: Modi

              I’ve said elsewhere, that once Modi and Yogi achieve complete integration of Bharat, then it will be time to disrupt BJP from the right. BJP is a positive force, of course, but I’m under no delusion that it is a Dharmic one. However, until that time comes, they deserve our full and unflinching support, for many enemy forts remain to be conquered still, and Modi has proven himself far better than even my expectations with Agniveer etc.

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            6. @suones, yes, at the moment I am not bothered about the BJP undercutting caste based politics. It’s the only way to survive in an adharmic system.

              It’s amazing how the old Left keeps hanging to the 1980s era of caste politics, and how Latanaresha has been continuously subverting the old caste equations.

              My bigger worry is Hindutva subversion by the newer Navyonmada memes.


            7. It’s amazing how the old Left keeps hanging to the 1980s era of caste politics

              Once the State Religion becomes harmonised, caste-problems vanish. Don’t look at the BLM looters, look at the Jews behind them.

              not producing Kshatriya babies will.

              BJP is destroying any incentive for GC to remain in country. You guys are coping,


              There is no state religion, but a state-forming people – ie Kshatriyas. Who have to behead both the nog & jew to restore order. Brahmahatya is not a crime if they’re getting politically involved.

              Fertility is dependent on patriarchy & Endian state is feminist.

              Sarbat Khalsa of Jan 1986 CE already laid out future plans.
              Sikhs got their province from 1st partition & will get country from 2nd.

              Your Telli King is another Nanda whether you see that or not doesn’t matter- you’re unarmed.
              Rehit says to destroy both Hindu & Muslim authority, to kill Turks & feed brahmins.



  4. Doesn’t make sense to me, but worth discussion.

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      1. It’s the LataNaresha effect. He may not be perfect, but he is the best we have and he is head and shoulders above anyone else we have ever had in the past when it comes to impact.

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        1. In the past I used to be irritated when LataNaresha didn’t comment on certain issues of national importance. But obviously he notes everything and handles some issues silently. It adds to his stature when he is seemingly serene and unperturbed.


          1. The Man looks like a sage as time is passing. Whatever evil his opponents ascribe to him, it certainly does not show up on his face and bearing. They say in the States that by the time a man is 40, he has the face he deserves. This is much more so by the time a man is 70 as is the LataNaresha. This is something that disturbs even his most severe detractors. They all are forced to admit that he looks more and more sage like as time passes.

            In contrast, lets look at

            Exhibit A: Sharad Pawar –> All the a evil man does, first shows up on his face. If that is not an Orc who lives at the pleasure of Sauron, I’m not sure who is.

            Exhibit B: The Vanga-Rakshasi is looking more and more like one with each passing day. The curse of the Gods torments her day and night

            As that Oriya Firebrand Abhilash Mohanty says (before he got banned): The Gods are real …… more real than you and I

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            1. There used to be a time in India where people could read a lot of subtle things about a person from his face, bearing, manner of speech, way he walked, way he sat, even footprints on the soil he walked on. Very subtle things. The Tipitaka is full of such stories. Today, this knowledge is lost in India. To be sure, we can still say a few things about a person from all that, but those are very gross details. We’ve lost the knowledge to discern the subtle/fine details.

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  5. The notion that Capitalists are evil is a Brahminical meme against the Vaishyas. Proles being proles, their passions are easily whipped up by the right combination of envy and greed. Unconstrained by a Grand inquisitor or a Chanakya or a Vidyaranya or a Dharmic monarch, these evil Brahmanas can have a field day with rabble rousing which is what we are seeing wherever there is a democracy. What is democracy but rule by evil priests? What is a dharmic monarchy but collaboration betweem virtuous Brahmanss with with a virtuous Monarch?

    Proles are as lacking in a sense of right and wrong as they are in any reasoning capacity. I feel they are more than dimly aware that those evil capitalists don’t rule. Each of them is dimly aware that he cowers before the local district collector or the local judge while, but not before the local tycoon. Oh, he won’t insult the tycoon to his face, but he does not cower before him. And he is dimly aware of that. He just chooses not to reflect about that.

    Also Vaishyas are soft, juicy targets which makes them irresistible to proles. So these memes will continue. No rational argument can stop weaponized envy.

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    1. Proles are dimly aware of right and wrong, as you can see its expression in Nazism, but such “right wing” proles are easily misguided by evil priests as you observe.

      Merchants deludedly think they can buy influence or cut deals with priests, but the merchants’ blind spot is that they don’t get that priests don’t worship Mammon and hence don’t feel honour bound or obliged by such gifts.


    2. Capitalism was an early Leftist attack on Dharmic aristocracy as de-facto prevalent in Anglamleccha lands even after their nominal conversion to Yahwehgianism, including the founding of the East India Company. I had posted about this on jimblog a while ago. But I had lost the link to the original source then, and haven’t managed to find it till now. So yes, Capitalism certainly is evil, and the conscription of “rightists” in the defence of Capitalism has been a great victory for evil priests.

      Proles innately understand only force — and will recognise power as virtue. Whatever envy, greed, etc they feel are emotions only as a child would feel, and cannot cause societal harm if proles aren’t left to their own devices. All their memes are recycled Brahmin memes. Which is why the side with memetic superiority de-facto earns prole loyalty.

      The recent “outrages” in Udaipur and elsewhere are indicators of a new development despite the tragedy involved. The woman who regurgitated our memes on National TV, and the proles who interacted with them on social media are indications that we’re gaining memetic advantage over the legacy Leftism-Baphomet alliance. Fifty years ago “Left” had all kinds of armed cadres and was formidable, but BJP has completely gutted it apart from some small pockets. So that leaves Baphometans as the only martial force remaining in that alliance. As happened in Prussia and Iran, when cultist priestly attacks fail, their soldiers pick up the slack. Problem is, they don’t have the numbers to win. That’s why their generals are not attacking, but prole soldiers are.

      Latanaresh talked to Putin (again) a few days ago. It had better be about buying oil haha.

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      1. @suones

        Proles innately understand only force — and will recognise power as virtue.

        Although this statement is true about Proles in general, I would respectfully state that Hindu Proles in India retained and still retain some residual ancestral Dharma, and hence have somewhat resisted the forces of adharma in the absence of the guidance of virtuous Brahmins. This, even at a time when BJP was nowhere as dominant as now. I wouldn’t disregard the role of the parent Sangh in this regard, as being a non-political grassroots organization, have done yeoman work at a time when Indian politics was dominated by the old Left. The continuity in Dharma is what has helped the BJP decimate the old Left. Proles have been the main resistance both against the rise of the Ekarakshasonmadas and also Navyonmada to some extent, while cosmopolitan “educated” Brahmins have completely gone over to Navyonmada. I notice that even urban Proles retain some sense of tradition and respect for H culture, as opposed to the fully pozzed Elites who have enthusiastically adopted the Pub culture of the West.

        I can only attribute this to the Dharmic spiritual bank balance deposited by our Great Sages and ancestors in their wisdom to help their children tide over tough times and also the benevolence of our Old Gods.


      2. Suones, can you elaborate more on how BJP gutted the left’s armed cadres? All I see the BJP do is get it’s own cadre killed in leftist strongholds like Kerala and Bengal without retaliating against lefties in areas they control. Then they would bitch and moan about it on national TV while asking for more money from the rest of us, because gee whiz, they tried. Even when I once mentioned the death of a leftie hot-shot, Dharmic Reality was more ready to credit that kill to infighting rather than Hindu action and I was inclined to agree.

        I always assumed that the left paramilitary network was never much to begin with. And even if it did exist, it was gutted by infighting and sheer incompetence as they somehow always attract the incompetents. An elaboration on this topic would be instructive.

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        1. I am guessing that suones is talking about the Naxal problem of yesteryear. Yet, despite the success against Naxalism, I put it down to initiatives of strongmen in regional Governments of affected states and high ranking officers in the police and armed forces rather than conscious Hindutva or any nation-wide political will. My view is that the kind of organized Left thuggery that the West has witnessed hasn’t flourished much in Bharat anyway, having very low support among proles, who as I said, maintain some residual ancestral Dharma.

          Yet I have to qualify by saying that, the BJP coming to power nationally has had some significant effect on overall Leftist morale, because of successive electoral defeats and this has also contributed to the reduction of radical Leftist violence. In any case, the power of the old rad-Left has declined and the new rad-Left is more oriented to Nayvonmada tactics, rather than past Commie tactics.

          Neither of the National parties have had much stomach for street fighting or combating radical left thuggery through State power. Barring Indira Gandhi, no post-independence leader has come close to taking dictatorial powers and combating organized left thuggery requires extraordinary dictatorial powers with scant regard for judicial restraints.


          1. Right! So it wasn’t the BJP that gutted Left Thuggery! We should be so lucky! I don’t think it will happen anytime soon, but If ever a Hindu body arises that can match the Left on the streets, going old Testament on them ………………

            Maybe there is something we can learn from the Abrahamisms 2.0 and 3.0, even if we don’t get absorbed into them. Wouldn’t that be paying them high tribute? Maybe we should pay it to them. We are a nation that prides itself of seeking and applying the knowledge, no? Even if that knowledge comes from an enemy.

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            1. I wouldn’t be *too* uncharitable. I would note that the electoral rise of BJP has significantly dampened the enthusiasm of the old thug-Left. At least law and order is somewhat functional in BJP ruled states as opposed to the Leftist ones. Yogi is a shining light in this regard.

              My bigger concern is BJP’s lack of priestly power to combat Navyonmada. In fact I would say that BJP has been adopting some Navyonmada memes which is worrying.


            2. We know that only violence can quell violence. Violence is sexy. And I say this as a Buddhist. Unless actual violence was applied on the left, I don’t see how their enthusiasm got dampened. Electoral losses follow actual losses in violent clashed and not the other way round. Your earlier observation that regional strongmen kicked the Left’s butt agrees with my understanding.

              Yogi, definitely is an exception to the rule of BJP being somewhat squeamish about violence. He is not the shining light, he is the ONLY light!

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            3. Unless actual violence was applied on the left, I don’t see how their enthusiasm got dampened.

              The threat of policemen actually willing to use force is a significant factor, and at least BJP ruled states seem to have given the police more freedom to act than Leftist ones where cops are actually told to stand back in the face of leftist violence.

              Of course, the situation varies across states. And obviously it’s not ideal.


            4. There is much difference between US and Bharat politics. Here, the conservative party, BJP, is not (yet?) the cuckservative party. Also, police and armed forces are by and large proles who tend to follow orders rather than vicious enemy priests.

              BJP is not a “Hindu” party in the same way as AIMIM is a “Muslim” one. BJP is more a “law & order” party, following Reagan-Leftism. Because law and order foster economic growth — you tend to work harder and earn more if you believe you’re safe from looters.

              Leftist/Baphometan agitators depend on amenable authority to conduct rampages. It is not a coincidence that the recent jihad happened in places which had amenable authority. Which is starkly apparent in how the police in Maharashtra were able to turn on a dime to unmask the conspiracy as soon as political pressure eased up. BJP getting into power lets police and bureaucrats do their jobs, which necessarily preserves the status quo, which naturally prevents Leftist spiralling. Even the mere spectre of BJP getting into power works wonders for public morale, as was seen in Bhagyanagar recently[1].

              Even BJP under Yogi is not harassing or outright killing Baphometans. He is merely reminding everyone that the law is supreme, which prohibits Jihad only as a side effect. Observe how the Kanpur outbreak was swiftly curbed, while it exploded in Paschim Vanga.

              This is both a good and a bad thing. It’s good because Leftism gets starved when BJP is in power, or within reach of power. If Cthulhu can’t swim, he sinks. The bad news is that Cthulhu is immortal and is going to require far more than sinking to kill him once and for all. I hope once BJP solidifies grasp over all of Bharat, then it will be time to disrupt it from the right. I’ll need to have assembled a team of paladins by then. Till that time, I fully support BJP against Evil. Latanaresh may not be the leader we need 20 years from now, but he’s surely the best we have right now, and have had in a long time.

              [1] Reminds me of how the mere existence of Uncle Adolf and his merry men was able to roll degeneracy and feminism in Amerika 50 years backwards. Ingrate Amerikaner who’s grandfathers fought for the right to cut off their granddaughters’ breasts will never admit it directly tho.

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            5. Leftist/Baphometan agitators depend on amenable authority to conduct rampages. It is not a coincidence that the recent jihad happened in places which had amenable authority.

              This is the key point. Though we wish for a completely Dharmic alternative, I appreciate the commitment to law and order of the BJP.

              And compared to our neighbours facing severe economic crisis and chaos, India is literally heaven right now.


            6. A note on violence: BJP (and I myself) are not squeamish about violence, but we are wary of chaotic violence. Riling up a lone prole to behead a hapless target does not serve Dharma. Even the Udaipur sacrifice, though succeeding in its short-term goal of a chilling effect, has done more to poison the Jihad cause than the mullahs imagine. The “celebrations” of goat sacrifice to Baphomet were markedly subdued this year. The average Hindu prole is disengaging from Baphometans, wary of which “friend” might mark him for Jihad next. Slowly, he is beginning to hate them. Disorganised, chaotic violence like in Latadesh will only serve to let off energy and harm us in the long run.

              Of course, BJP has no clue on how to conduct Dharmic organised violence, and I suspect RSS doesn’t either. But that is a future problem, whose solution has already been put in motion by Latanaresh.

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      3. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖਾਲਸਾਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫਤਿਹ

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          1. – Some Choora Cambridge student had said he’s a Sikh who wears a pen instead of Kirpan. LOL

            Every man is a Kshatriya primarily, and then everything after.

            You’re taking Kshatriya = Professional Infantry Soldier or Feudal Lord.

            Anyone who is KeshDhari ShastarDhari is archaically a Kshatriya.
            Once that arhaic Kshtra is lost all other Varna tend toward mechanic autism.


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          2. … those who are unable to wield weapons for whatever reason should support dharmic warriors with the pen.

            As I said to Sher Singh, shastra and shaastra are not mutually exclusive. When the time comes, even Dronacharya will have to take up arms. Best to be ready than be caught defenceless.

            Do you believe a tailor needs shastra-vidya? Just ask the family from Udaipur. Once we manifest ourselves IRL, do you think we will need more protection or less? Do you expect an armed escort to follow every Dharmic priest and prole?

            Obtain the maximum legal arms you can, and practice with them, get to know them. Then you shall know courage. Pen can only write under the shadow of the sword.

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            1. Yes, that is a valid point. I do think training in martial arts is a good option. Getting into the mindset of using force and weapons is as important as the weapon itself.


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